Boxing: Prognosis of the Bout Maskaev vs. Rahman


USA, Las Vegas

Maskaev 2.03.1969

Rahman 7.11.1972

Let us recall that on November 6, 1999 at the end of the 8th round Maskaev knocked out Rahman using a rare in accuracy punch so that Hasim flew out of the ring, breaking referees’ tables, computers and other furniture. The magazine “The Ring” named it the knock-out of the year. Naturally, now Rahman will aim at maximum revenge. What are his chances to win in the evening of August 12 in Las Vegas? Let us calculate.©


The force of the signs of the Zodiac
The diagram was constructed on the basis of natal cosmograms of the sportsmen.


Force of Rahman | Force of Maskaev


Maskaev RahmanThis diagram shows that Maskaev initially has a large potential in the sign of ARIES (the first onset, success in the first rounds, pure aggression, and strength of the punch), LEO (total strength and endurance, total tonnage of punches) and PISCES (intuition, adaptability to the manner of the opponent).

Rahman does better in the signs of CAPRICORN (concentration on one goal, strategy of the bout), SCORPIO (endurance, acting as Nr. 2, ability to keep hold of a punch), partly SAGITTARIUS (ability to develop success, accuracy of punches) and TAURUS (persistence, defense). 

From all by-pass planets, in my opinion, in the evening of the bout the most significant are those which emphasize the signs of the Zodiac where one of the sportsmen has an evident advantage in the force of the signs. There are 6 signs of this type: ARIES (Moon), LEO (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn), SCORPIO (Jupiter), SAGITTARIUS (Pluto), and PISCES (Uranus). In other words, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus will stand for Maskaev and Jupiter and Pluto – for Rahman. Thus, my deal shows that Oleg Maskaev has an advantage. The emphasized sign of Leo hints for success in the middle part of the bout from 4th till 8th round.

Ruslan Susi
1.08.2006 21:20 GMT