European Horoscope 2009

As you know, the European continent was named after the daughter of a Phoenician ruler Europe , kidnapped by the leader of Olympic gods Zeus in the form of a white bull. Gods always were seducible with the young and beautiful. By the way, the goal of this action of Zeus is still unclear – was it love or simply a wish to seduce a pretty young woman? On the other hand, having three children is a fact in favor of love but not just an occasional sexual relationship. From the astrological point of view, not only the myth showing that Europe can have some problems with a bull, which is a traditional symbol of material values (“golden calf”) and Wall Street, is interesting. It is also intriguing that Europe has its astronomic reflection on the sky. There is Europe among Jupiter (named after the god Jupiter – in Greek mythology, Zeus) moons. For the first time, this moon was noticed in 1609 by the German astronomer Simon Marius; however, the first official publication about the observations of Europe was done by Galileo Galilei, who since this time has been considered to be the discoverer of this heavenly body. However, justice triumphed! The name “Europe” belongs to Marius, who suggested it in 1614.

Let us take a look, what interesting 2009, the Year of the Bull, can bring to us? And what shall we, Europeans, do, if old myths revive and we turn out to be between a rock and a hard place – between a resisting Europe (they say, she is already a granny) and an excited Bull?

Let us start with the beginning. In 2009, one partial lunar eclipse is expected, which will happen accurately on New Year’s night on December 31, 2009 . And one total solar eclipse is expected on July 21-22. This eclipse may indicate on political and natural disasters in its coverage, all the more so the dark fringe of the eclipse will cover India, China, affect Japan and will sink somewhere on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. This astronomical event frightens twice as it covers traditionally seismic dangerous regions. From the European point of view, this eclipse advises planning journeys in these regions cautiously in the second half of the year, taking into account personal horoscope. Other eclipses – penumbral for the Moon and annular for the Sun – are less important.

The circulation of Pluto around Capricorn is of the utmost interest. Namely, it is the period of time in October-December 2009, when Saturn forms a hard aspect of 90° to Pluto. Here there is something to remember. Especially in 1939-1940, when this aspect accompanied the repartition of borders in Europe, concerning Eastern Europe and the Baltics personally. The Baltic region is related by many right with Capricorn, and in the Balkans, by the way, there is one more traditional Capricorn – Bulgaria. Seems that these countries may come across hard trials, amid which out-of-turn Government changes may seem to be merely childish plays. The problem is that the bundle Saturn-Pluto is not even a therapy, but it is a surgery, urgent interference in the fate of whole nations, when one has not to persuade somebody, but drag to the exit using strength. However, power method of problem solving concerns only the most conservative and obstinate in their rightness politicians, as history shows.

Opposition of the planets Saturn and Uranus, which first happened in the day of elections of the U.S. president (4.11.2009), will periodically show up in the form of appearance and efficient solutions to problems in finance end economics. Economic implication of these planets is conditional on the peculiarity of their position in the horoscope on entry of the Sun in Aries (20.03.2009, New Astronomical Year). The first conclusion can be drawn – till March 2010, as long as the aspect Saturn-Uranus remains valid, the issue of financial crisis, debts to the banks, multinational debts and credits will appear in the headlines of all top news. I associate the appearance of the first signs of real recovery of the world economy with the position of Jupiter in Pisces only in 2010.

And Jupiter, as myths show, has a prime importance for Europe! This year it will be located in Aquarius and this is a good sign, firstly, for all air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, secondly, for fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo – will display their business traits successfully. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will have to correct their plans, improving their attitude to themselves and other people, in greater extent than other signs to be a success.

Here is a map of Europe, where I marked several lines of planets, calculated using the author’s technique (not AstroCartoGraphy). It allows defining a longitude on which one can discover “traces” of influence of corresponding planets.

Horoscope map of Europe

This map-prognosis will be the most efficient from March 2009 to March 2010.

The line of Mars symbolizes military training, emissions of humanity energy, accidents. This line covers Iceland; this year will definitely revive sleepy Icelanders. By the moment of making up the prognosis, in Iceland a new government had already come to power. I think, however, that the events will develop in the same direction, and Iceland can become an example for Europe of designing its own strategy of overcoming the crisis. Except Iceland, the Azores, which are of volcanic origin, as it is known, will turn out to be in strong Martian hands.

The line of Saturn is not so dreadful because its main influence will cover 173-175° of eastern longitude (Alaska, New Zealand). In Europe only its repercussion will be felt, which will touch mainly Ireland and not so strongly Spain. Its influence is related to reduction and bringing order with the help of cutting everything superfluous. This can be implemented with the help of laws which, for example, will delimit the number of guest workers for the sake of interests of own citizens. This line (as all lines in astrology) can be tried to use in a positive way – developing construction programs, nationalizing large companies and plants or making significant state orders to enterprises.

The line of Uranus (2-4° W) comes near London, and this means that this country will amaze us this year. Unexpected splashes of national identity and wishes to carry out profound reforms of political or economic type are possible there. This line in a weaker way will influence France and Spain. As Uranus is located in Pisces, the dangers of technical character may concern airplanes and water craft passing through 2-4° WL on water space.

The line of Venus (16-18° E) will please the inhabitants of Sweden, Norway, the central part of Poland and the Czech Republic, western Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and southern Italy. This line is related to art, success in economics, peace and creation of new unions, organizing different cultural events like beauty or song contests.

Best wishes,
Ruslan Susi, 4 february 2009