What is the activity of the zodiacal signs?

This term means the potential activity, life energy that can be passed through corresponding signs. The stronger is the corresponding sign the more stronger the energy of this sign will be felt in the character of the year. For example, in the previous astronomical year (21.03.2010-21.03.2011) the most powerful sign was ARIES, that symbolises such qualities as courage, vigour, bellicosity, initiative, forwardness and hastiness in decision making. And it played-out at full extent in the end of the annual cycle.

Activity of the Zodiac Signs does not indicate a favorable or adverse effects. The value of Activity shows a potential quantity of vital energy, which will pass through the zodiacal sign. The quality of this energy will depend on individual horoscope and, of course, of what thoughts, feelings and actions have been in the past.
Зодиак активность 2011

Diagramma (excluding house system) for astronomic year 21.03.2011 по 20.03.2012.

Forecast: according to this diagram this year will be rather calm and sparing in terms of physical, intellectual and mental strengths for Capricorn and Virgo.

The year will be full of action for Libra, and for Aries ans Scorpio but in a lesser degree.

If you project this diagram on socio-political processes, it can be said that the topics that are characteristic to Libra – elections, lawsuits, public discussions and disputes, international negotiations and peacekeeping, introducing new people to the society that will play an important role in near future – will be the most important. Libra does not like law violation, tries to bring as much aesthetics and beauty in all matters. It is reasonable to suppose that as Libra is an Air sign the special importance and even a threat (Saturn in Libra) in this annual cycle will be attributed to air elements – winds, tornados, thunderstorms. It is interesting that the previous year in which the stress was on fiery Aries was marked by unusual heat and drought.

The relative absence of Capricorn's energy indicates that firm administrative and hierarchical form of authority will loose its power, the role of large political leaders will diminish, their words will loose importance. It is a common tendency, we are not talking about any particular country. The role of the second echelon of politicians – government, regional leaders, counsellors – will gain power. During this year it will be very hard to concentrate power in one persons' hands, create monopoly as there always will be offsets, competitors or barriers, that are conditioned by legislation.

Noticeable contribution from Aries and Scorpio indicates high levels of initiative, penetrative powers, persistence, desire to get even, reconstruct something. At the same time it indicates high potential of patience, endurance, ability to overcome crises and fear. As a rule it will increase the importance of such area where these character traits are very important – army and police, medicine, sports, business.

How to use diagram for your own purposes?

It is very convenient to use this diagram to analyse the behaviour of the person in a group. Every once in a while in a constant group of people attention is draw to one or another person. The reasons can be very different – a person got married or divorced, got promotion or was fired, fell in love, got into a fight, won or lost, was travelling etc. It is not important how this activity was displayed, it is important that the person was active, he let the energy of life to pass through him, he was not indifferent and gloomy – these “gulps of life” are the essence of what I tried to display on the diagram.

Ruslan Susi, March 20, 2011